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These Stories Were Created on DaisyChain

Create stories about anyone and anything.

The examples below are real and were made with DaisyChain!

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    A boy called James finds an alien in his garden 👽

    Chapter 1 

    Once upon a time, there was a boy called James. He lived in a small village near the sea.

    Every day, he walked to school with his friend, Ben.

    One morning, they were walking home when they saw something strange in James' garden. It was a little green alien!

    "Help!" cried the alien. "I've landed in your garden and I can't get out."

    "Don't worry," said James. "I'll help you."

    What happens next?

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    A princess called Jane starts a rock band 🎸

    Chapter 4

    Jane and her band members went to the studio. They made a CD of their songs. The CD was called "Rockin' with the Princess."

    The band got more popular every day as they played in different places such as restaurants, cafés, and malls. People started calling them "the princess rock band." 

    Everyone liked their music and wanted to see them play live.

    What happens next?

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    A Cat called Frida goes to the Jungle 🐈

    Chapter 7

    Then, Frida went to the jungle. She saw a lion who was very nice and friendly! They played games together! They played hide-and-seek and tag! 

    Then, Frida's friends came to visit her in the jungle. The king of the jungle said that they could live there for ever. And they lived happily ever after...

    The End.

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